Robertson Cup: Ringwood v Winchester

Fixture List

Match Date: Mon 17/02/2020
Competition: Robertson Cup
Team Scores: Ringwood   4 - 1   Winchester
Pete Donaldson
Tue 18/02/2020 21:23

Home Team Result Away Team
1 Peter W Anderson 182 1 - 0 Jose Alfonso Jimenez Capilla 186
2 C Bruce Jenks 184 ½ - ½ Jon A Barnes 147
3 Martin J Simons 182 ½ - ½ Alan Dyos 138
4 Christian F Westrap 182 1 - 0 Bob A Cleave 117
5 Peter Donaldson 138 1 - 0 David Kinsler 115
Total 4 Total 1

Match Notes
A minutes silence was held before the match in remembrance of Brian Langley, a member of Ringwood Chess Club for over 20 years who had been laid to rest earlier in the day. Heaviiy outgraded on all but the top board Winchester more than held their own. On board 5 David ended up on the wrong end of an opening that his opponent was very familiar with. As a consequence he ended up in a very passive position which foreced resignation. On board three Alan matched Martin throughout the game which was agreed drawn with the former perhaps slightly better. A king and pawn ending, with Christian a pawn up, was eventually decided in his favour with Bob perhaps unfortunate not to draw. A tactical melee on board two was great to watch with Bruce and Jon eventually agreeing a draw. Peter got the better of Jose in what can best be described as a messy game with the latter short of time which may have had an influence on the result. An enjoyable evening for which we thank Alan and his team. Pete Donaldson